Everyone can see

right through me

I'm an open book

Everyone can come

& take a look


Everyone can read

What's going on with me

What's going on with me?

Somebody tell me

What's wrong with me


Oh, I've been to the doctor now Mamma

And he checked my pulse, my liver my kidneys, my blood, and my heart

And he said he couldn't find


Anything at all

He couldn't find anything wrong on the darn chart

So I went to see another kind of doctor

You know the kind that'll pick and poke around your brain

But she couldn't find anything either

Except for this great big unexplainable stain

She asked have you been feeling...

or have you been feeling kind of...

I said "Yeah, possibly, maybe"

"It's true, I've been feeling kind of rainy these days"


No, I ain't done crying

Oh no, I ain't done crying

These buckets of tears

Yeah, these buckets of tears,

I ain't done crying


I wish I wasn't lying when I said "I don't need you at all"

But I do think this ocean could use a little more salt


And although these tears have all gone down the drain,

To the creek, down the river,  to the ocean, and the rain

Falling back down, here, on my window pain

I guess it might be to remind me again


You ain't done crying

Oh no, ain't done crying

These buckets of tears

Yeah, buckets of tears,

You ain't done crying.



Another sunken relationship

we called the stakes

and called it quits

mend the pieces

then break to bits

the day before the apocalypse


Now your tears are blinding

your sight

you see the streets are

swimming in lights

and your heart is like an old

torn kite

so you stumble into the night


I've got nothing to lose

oh, but if I could choose


Hey, what's up & what you got?

I'm kind of tired of thinking

in knots

Maybe it is, and maybe it's not

I'm still trying to connect these dots


You gotta know where to go

Got a hunch that you might



As you watch yourself disappear,

no way in, no way out of here

I understand the message quite clear

how am I supposed to feel?







There's a storm brewing in my kitchen, i'm dropping hot potatoes straight into these wool mittens

Temperature's rising, temperature dropping, you can't keep going, but there just ain't no stopping

Sink is my washtub, where I rub my face in,

A pile of disgrace to be disposed of in that wastebin

I've been here, and I've been over there, but still it seems, like I've been getting nowhere

So, hold on now, I think you need to cool it

You're losing the thread, when you ought to spool it

You lost it, found it, looking dumbfounded,

Sure, every now and then you'll be thinking of the ...


So if there is a cold, and you think you're gonna catch it

And if you got an itch,

Ask someone to scratch it,

It ain't a problem.

No big deal

Cause, you'll do anything Just to get a feel


Stormy feeling!


I once went on vacation, on this lonely planet

With nothing but a question, and when I thought I had it,

I bagged it, and tagged it, and I brought it back home

Gee, it was heavy, I'm still chiseling at the stone

Looking at the past, and it's going, gone, gone

And everything that lasted, didn't last that long

You say you've been there, did that, well, get yourself a hat,

Pull out a rabbit, a chicken and a cat


Stormy feeling!


Gee whizz, got a question, got a quiz

Scramble up the words until you get a brainsneeze

What's the diagnosis?

The epidermis of osmosis?

Layer after layer, with a frequency of psychoses.

I do the splits like a lightswitch, cause a glitch

There ain't no telling how much water under the bridge

Swim like a fish, I'm down with my strokes,

Practice my pitch, excercising my ghosts


Stormy feeling!


I'm a dyke on the mic and I love to ride my bike and if you want me to, I'll most definately take a hike, to the top of the mountain,

drink from her fountain

Thunderbolts and lightning, I'll take another striking


Making guacamole with aioli,

hold my breath as long as Moby, you're a phoney,

sounding like a folley,

homelylonelydopey in the foamy tub with soapy.


Stormy feeling!


So I'm not sure how the substance affects me

If it's got me all in check or how it plans, to direct me

Technically speaking one could call it manipulation, and when you do the math, they call it calculation

So, who's gonna check this head?

And who's in charge of these obstacles ahead?


Stormy feeling!





Come on, come on, come on,

and get a move on


I wanna walk with you down, down to the ocean

You know I'm overflowing with emotion

But you just keep spilling little by little

While I'm over here

Stuck in the middle middle


Yeah, just do me diddle,

playing on the second fiddle

leave me to wait and sizzle

come on and turn on that griddle


Stuck in the middle middle

Sizzle on the griddle

You know a tiny little, they call a tittle tittle.

Stuck in the middle middle

You're a such a big riddle

But don't act so pretty brittle

I think you're cool as chisel.